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Old method Round 1-3 results

Old method Round 1-3 results

Postby Sonicade » Fri Jun 02, 2006 1:59 am

The results may shift after the new point system is applied so here are the Round 1 through Round 3 results using the old method for reference.

Round 1

1st Sonicade Reon Kadence sdc1_Sonicade-Reon_Kadence.rar 98
2nd chotoro The Mellow Monster 77
3rd waterhead Artificial Assumptions sdc1_w473rh34d-artificial_assumptions.rar 70
4th drye All Dryed Up 48
5th imode saihakken sdc1_Imode-Saihakken.rar 38
6th Harmony Apple Juice 34
7th aged end of life sdc1_aged-end_of_life.rar 30
8th hcys Mark of Megan sdc1_hcys-Mark_of_Megan.ZIP 19
9th teajay Just for the spirit 18
10th Yuta From The Far East sdc1_Yuta-From_The_Far_East.RAR 11
11th satobox Chyura-Chyura sdc1_satobox-Chyura-Chyura.rar 8
12th sagosen Enok 7
13th fr0gr0ck MicroDrive-#060326- 3
14th dj_io burning green sdc1_dj_io-burning_green.rar 2
14th robwilliamsjnr Your Hollow Heart sdc1-RobWilliamsJnr-YourHollowHeart.rar 2
15th goatboy Filling Time --

Round 2

1st ruthlinde '85 Ninja Get-together 108
2nd mickrip Actions and Words sdc2_Mick_Rippon-Actions_and_Words.rar 62
3rd groovyone DeBUT SDCompo2_groovyone_Debut.rar 55
4th chotoro Raging Pneumaniac 38
5th dj_status Terror of Love DJStatus-Terror_of_Love.rar 30
6th Sonicade Digital Intervention sdc2_Sonicade-Digital_Intervention.rar 27
7th aged i sent it back sdc2_aged-i_sent_it_back.rar 23
8th teajay Once upon again 21
9th robwilliamsjnr Closing Time (Will you be there?) sdc2-RobWilliamsJnr-ClosingTime.rar 4
10th fr0gr0ck HackT0TheFUTURE sdc2_fr0gr0ck_HackT0TheFUTURE.rar 2
10th Teagan Aggrandizer 2
11th dj_io stark contrast sdcround2_djio-stark_contrast.rar --

Round 3

1st groovyone 80's State Of Mind sdc03-groovyone-80s-state-of-mind.rar 106
2nd mickrip Lingo Rollercoaster sdc3_MickRip-LingoRollercoaster.rar 74
3rd Harmony Dreamer 69
4th Necto_Ulin Ultrasonic motorway (Necto Ulin) sdc3_Necto_Ulin-Ultrasonic_Motorway.rar 30
5th overthruster itsukigoshi 29
6th Sonicade The Break of Dawn sdc3_Sonicade-The_Break_Of_Dawn.rar 20
7th aged grotesk party sdc3_aged-grotesk-party.rar 13
8th chotoro First permutation 11
9th dj_status eBallad sdc3_DJStatus-eBallad.rar 8
10th fr0gr0ck EV CAFE sdc03-fr0gr0ck-EVCafe-.rar 4
11th dilvie Detour 3
11th robwilliamsjnr Careful Where You Land sdc3_RobWilliamsJnr_CarefulWhereYouLand.rar 3
12th dj_io unfinished mess hall sdc3_djio-unfinished-mess-hall.rar 2
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