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KungFuFurby's First Renoise Song Released!

KungFuFurby's First Renoise Song Released!

Postby KungFuFurby » Sun Jul 07, 2013 8:44 am

I actually produced a Renoise song for once! And it doesn't require any external material. It's called Furby's Rock 'n Roll, and it was released on Battle of the Bits: ... oll/10043/

Here's the source .xrns file:

...and here's the render (slightly hiccupy since I am using a demo version... so I recorded this using Wiretap Pro):

The song was produced in the last version of Renoise compatible with my computer: 2.7.2. I can't use the latest version of Renoise, which is 2.8 and beyond.
Just consider me a person using a PPC Mac to make music... and to listen to your music! ^_^
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