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Morrissey impersonation song made in Renoise

PostPosted: Thu Aug 07, 2014 5:53 pm
by Directionless
Morrissey - Morrissey SoLow.mp3

The background story:

There has been some drama recently related to an allegation made by a former Morrissey security staff, wherein he is accussed of discussing a plot to have injured(or killed?) the owner of long time fan site, David Tsueng. The bad blood with David T. and Morrissey goes back these past 10 years or so, when Morrissey didn't like David's inclusion of anything negative posted on his fan site. And Morrissey being Morrissey, banned David from all his concert venues and has even had the band wear shirts on stage that said "Fuck".

Anyway, I'm not hating on the Moz-father, he can still do no wrong in my book, and I rather enjoy his new album - World Peace is None of Your Business.

But the recent issue has caused a riot on the already vitriolic ms-solo message boards. So I started a fake Morrissey song, trying to sing as the man himself, just to entertain and get attention, naturally.

One of the lyrical themes in the song will make more sense knowing that Morrissey has recently referred to the Morrissey-Solo site as "Morrissey So Low".