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Soul calibur 4

Soul calibur 4

Postby paulnewns » Wed Aug 27, 2008 8:56 pm

Played this quite a bloody lot now.
Anyone who has played the previous games will be on familiar ground here.
In terms of base gameplay it is practically the same as all the others.
Having previously played sc2 to death it all felt the same to me and initially I was dissapointed.
I have to admit to being slightly addicted now. There is now online versus play which is pretty awesome. In standard vs there is 4 players on screen taking it in turns, winners stays on with all players audible throughout.
Needless to say I got taught a lesson.
The character creation is brilliant. Various attributes coming from the clothing items/objects/weapons that you win/buy/earn/find in the single player (tower. arcade, story mode) to beef up (or just make funny looking) your character. The women are particulary voluptuous and well 'animated'.
Dressing them in underwear (should you wish, not that I would...)
These can then be used. And you will bloody well need the boosts of your power in the tower. Cause it get's bloody hard.
There are new characters and additions to existing ones.
There are also 'critical finish' moves (a bit like fatalaties in mk).
These look very pretty and are very impressive (though I can see them getting repetitive).
Lots of longevity in this game.
Well worth a look
Played on xbox360
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Postby organic io » Thu Aug 28, 2008 8:37 am

Man it sounds awesome... I just wish I appreciated fighting games, but I've never been able to get into them heavily like other people ... :?

I will get an xbox 360 eventually, but it will be to play this ...

Image which is awesomely finally getting a home port after 6 long years of arcade only-ness. :D The game is called Ketsui and supposedly it is one of Cave's better games, who are the king of bullet hell shooters. :D

Also Paul, you were either up REALLY late playing soul calibre, or you posted that from work! The latter I'm assuming :)
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organic io
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