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Tim exile / Clark / Hudson Mohawke live

Tim exile / Clark / Hudson Mohawke live

Postby attwad » Wed Apr 29, 2009 9:35 pm

Yesterday I've been to the live in tokyo... wow man what a shock!!!!

I am not a fan of Hudson's songs but I am quite found of Clarks' and on the flyer the main character was Clark...


Among all those 3 the one I prefer is Tim Exile, and after seeing him live, this guy just became a godlike human beeing to EVERYONE who saw him that night... This guy holds the future of music in his hands, either we like or dislike what music he produces, the way he does it live can only be seen as a revolution in music. After a quick talk with him after the concert, we agreed on the fact that the future of music is the "electronic body music" as he defined it, haha nice way of saying it I thought ^^

I was in the second row of the crowd so I could see quite well is live setup... If you saw his video about is reaktor patch on the native instrument website some time ago, now it has become quite different!
Take what you see on the video, and multiply the kaoss pads/knobs by 3!
I couldn't see his reaktor patch because his laptop wasn't oriented at the crowd (obviously) but it must be a REAL MESS!!

Anyway, as soon as I get my new computer I am gonna seriously try to build a small live patch with whatever I can find usefull at home (a nintendo DS, a midi controller, a drum pad, a webcam, etc I have some neat ideas...)

For those who totally ignore who this genuis is, go see the video here:
http://www.native-instruments.com/index ... imexile_us
And if you own reaktor you can have fun with a small patch which was available on the Tim Exile's website but the "stuff" page seems to be down right now so no links sorry ;-)

Anyway, renoise's way of making music is pretty neat but some "future way" can be nice too ^^
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