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Voting, taste & thinking outside my own reference frame

Voting, taste & thinking outside my own reference frame

Postby juolac » Mon Apr 20, 2009 11:48 am

Tips for voting:

Taste differs as we can see in every round, otherwise the top 5 should get every vote, not?
Music for the masses or for the few initiated, enlightened?
There are no wrongs or rights here, except ripping others work and do a slight remix.
A song might get 5 points from me while it gets nada from you.

Broaden the view. Be a bit mature.
You might be a breakbeat, dubsteb, jungle, -freak, and still vote for that emotional slow ballad.. because of the superb mixing.
You might love fat dance/trance productions and still put a vote for that chippy bitpop because of the intelligent and fun melody.
You might just hate jazz but still find a jazzy tracked tune appealing.
Be impressed of how someone even could make that kind of music or make that rhythm in a tracker..
Those were just few examples..

Technique can be valued high even though you don't fancy the song style. You can still vote because you realise what work lies behind.
I'm sure you can hear the difference in quality between two "crappy songs" in the same style. Watch the song in Renoise and get inspired.
There is something in every contribution you can learn from.

"This is just another..." - No it's not.
Maybe if the contributor says so himself..
Watch it in renoise, study it before you judge it.

I'm sure many of us votes not only on our personally preferred taste, and I really hope we'll keep it that way.

If a round will have the rules to stick to "rock" - Rock it!
Otherwise, Variety is good! Period.

/Joakim Ulfeldt
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Re: Voting, taste & thinking outside my own reference fr

Postby organic io » Mon Apr 20, 2009 2:45 pm

In response to the heart of your post... These are wise words indeed! Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in one aspect of music and ignore the rest...

Stickied! Juolac, you are a good man :D

I'll quote your original few lines below so we can continue this discussion if necessary :)

juolac wrote:Someone got very annoyed about the results in round 37 and the top 2 songs was called:
"....radioshitmusic, that doesn't give anykind of a feeling to anyone.."

Well it did give feelings to someone, just read the comments to the tune.

Personally I thought Willisca's comment was very immature. But I'm hoping he reads my reply in the comments...
Link for future reference -
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Postby aGIANTpupafish » Mon Apr 20, 2009 2:59 pm

Wise words indeed from both of you.

I think the you guys' response to this has been more heartening than the infantile comments were disappointing - it's clear why this community has lasted and will continue to last so long.

And if anyone thinks they are too good for us (and some evidence would be nice that they are, I'd like to hear a track that good) they don't have to stay here.

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Postby tenfour » Tue Apr 21, 2009 1:07 am

i especially like
"This is just another..." - No it's not.

absolutely. Listen to an entry like you listen to the radio, and you'll hear same-old radio. If you think it's "just another..." then you need to let your ears sink into it more. See the intentions of the author versus the effect.
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Postby organic io » Tue Apr 21, 2009 1:14 am

tenfour wrote: intentions

This really rings true with me right now.

Music is all about what feeling was put behind it. Even if it sounds generic or copies formulas of established genres, if the author put feeling and emotion behind it, then it is absolutely genuine music.

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Postby paulnewns » Tue Apr 21, 2009 1:45 am

Excellent post juolac.
Echoing my own sentiments exactly.
I am also a willing 'insect' to the higher powers.
Once such powers have been proven in the furore, as it were.
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