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Endless entertainment-artists covering other artists' songs

Endless entertainment-artists covering other artists' songs

Postby organic io » Mon Dec 10, 2007 2:25 pm


yes that's right... i've found a way to endlessly entertain myself....
i don't know why i didn't think of this sooner!!!

just think of a song you know pretty well... know the chord progression & most or all of the lyrics..

then think of another artist with a completely different style whose sound you know well...

and then imagine the one artist singing the others' song :)

soo much fun!

so far, Sarah Mclachlan seems to be the easiest to "make" sing someone else's song, i guess because of her minimalist style and distinct voice. pretty much just slow any song down to about 100 bpm and make it have those piano hits on the downbeats (whatever that style of piano playing is called) and there you go

i got the idea while trying to improvise in my head and "write a new song that sounds like a song by an artist, but isn't actually one of their existing songs "... i was able to do this pretty quickly for within temptation, bad religion, and sarah mclachlan, so i thought .... why not make them sing each others' songs? and it worked pretty welll :)

now i know what to do whenever i'm bored somewhere :D
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