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Postby Directionless » Mon Mar 17, 2008 5:04 am

[03:32] agd: it just feels so strange, i fucking bought a macbook to get rid of the windows os, and now i'm installing it :D
[03:32] agd: seems to be working now:D
[03:32] agd: i forgot to mount the virtual drive :D
[03:32] Johnny: lol
[03:32] Johnny: yeah that means everything i'm sure
[03:33] Johnny: and hey, don't hate yourself
[03:33] agd: i thought it was automatic :D
[03:33] Johnny: i'm from an apple family
[03:33] agd: i remember
[03:33] Johnny: i have to give my American Dad who is now in his late 50s every credit in the world
[03:34] Johnny: not only is he a guitar player and singer by hobby, but an avid PC user
[03:34] Johnny: before the IBM compatible took off as the market majority, what were we using? he had us on early apples
[03:34] Johnny: apple II
[03:34] Johnny: apple II plus
[03:35] Johnny: we used to go to computer clubs together
[03:35] Johnny: he is still strictly a MAC user now
[03:35] Johnny: never been into the IBM PC compatible like me
[03:35] Johnny: he follwed the mac line all the way out of the dark ages!
[03:36] agd: good old macs, i remember using the old Apple computers when i first time ran into sequencer software, that was really fun :) simple, yet fun
[03:36] agd: old macs even had MIDI ports integrated :D
[03:36] agd: (at least some of them)
[03:37] Johnny: yeah, i dunno about the actual "macs" but i have extreme fondness for the early apples
[03:37] Johnny: i even programmed music on them
[03:37] Johnny: made the Simpsons theme song in pure code
[03:37] agd: and i remember when i bought my first MIDI keyboard and owned a pc, i was really dissapointed that i needed to get some special cables to connect them together via joystick port :D
[03:37] Johnny: and other shit like that
[03:38] Johnny: funny how i'm such a slow learner, but i've totally been there ;)
[03:39] agd: yeah, that's what i was talking about, about feeling like a musician now :D slowly learned all the shit :)
[03:39] Johnny: yessir
[03:39] Johnny: we paid dues that established "society" can never tell
[03:40] Johnny: this is why, more than anything, when the demoscene happened, i knew it was the greatest thing ever (for me)
[03:40] agd: yeah,
[03:40] agd: i still regret that i didn't get more involved with music before trackers came out...
[03:40] agd: like my parents didn't let me get a guitar or anything
[03:41] Johnny: and so many of the artists were inspired by the very same artists i was...
[03:41] Johnny: depeche mode, Vangelis, JM Jarre, etc
[03:41] Johnny: yeah i truly regret that big time
[03:41] Johnny: i went on my Mormon mission to Nebraska USA '95
[03:42] Johnny: you know what happened before that? i had an offer from some "multimedia" company to track some basic 'pop" songs because everything was new
[03:43] Johnny: and they checked out some of my silly tracks on AOL
[03:43] Johnny: it was SOOOOOOOOOOOO easy to get work then
[03:43] Johnny: but i had NOOOOOOOOOOO fucking idea
[03:43] agd: :)
[03:43] Johnny: i have 1 million reasons to hate religion now :P
[03:43] Johnny: lol
[03:44] Johnny: i could have established a history long ago
[03:44] agd: hmm... i'm thinking a brokeback mountain tribute song "cowboys suck dick" :D
[03:44] agd: damn i'm stupid
[03:45] Johnny: lol
[03:45] Johnny: don't even know the song thank god
[03:45] agd: haha... i'm writing it now :D
[03:46] agd: my own tribute song :D
[03:47] Johnny: hahah yes!
[03:47] agd: looking for the right chords
[03:47] Johnny: you'll find em
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Postby aged » Mon Mar 17, 2008 10:19 am

Johnny - Drinking whiskey
Me - Drinking coffee
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Postby organic io » Mon Mar 17, 2008 2:05 pm

haha, in my highschool computer science class, we had ancient macintosh's. we had to make musical christmas cards in pascal. i coded the orb song "S.A.L.T." instead of a christmas song. suffice to say, my teacher was very WTF-ified

my friend and i used to fuck those things up though... i was proficient at getting floppy disks in backwards, and upside down, and then back out again. except one time it got stuck. i just told my teacher it was an accident.

and also, we discovered that if you hold a certain combination of keys when the computer boots up, it slows down the startup chime, and it sounds like a 5 second music clip. it was something like holding escape & the apple key, and alternating pressing them with enter. something weird like that. one time, we taught the other kids in the class how to do it and we repeatedly rebooted all 20 or so computers, all playing the slowed chimes. it was a symphony :) good times
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Postby Directionless » Mon Mar 17, 2008 6:17 pm

aged wrote:Johnny - Drinking whiskey
Me - Drinking coffee

i can't tell if i'm drunk or hung over. :?
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