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Last night at my house (gunshots 3 houses down, etc)

Last night at my house (gunshots 3 houses down, etc)

Postby organic io » Sat Aug 23, 2008 7:34 am

I was trying to work on my entry when my gf came and got me and said the neighbors were arguing BIG time. It was about midnight. So I went into the living room with her to see. You could definitely hear it from inside our house with the windows closed even though the arguing was taking place 3 houses down. So I peeked out the window but I couldn't see anything. Actually at first we thought it was the next door neighbors because it was so loud. And because they suck. We heard things being hit and a girl screaming, so we didn't know what the hell was going on. I peeked my head out the front door to see if I could see wtf was going on. Not 20 seconds after I peeked my head out the door, I heard 2 gunshots in rapid succession. Like bang-bang. A girl screams. There may or may not have been a 3rd gunshot trailing by a couple seconds. I don't remember because as soon as I heard the first 2 I ducked my head back into my house, told my gf to get down, and grabbed the phone and called 911. My gf says she heard someone say "Adam, put the gun down". Adam is the next door neighbor.
So on with 911, I told her I heard arguing, 2 or 3 gunshots. And then I heard another gunshot, while I was on the phone with 911, but this one was A LOT louder so we figure it must have been closer. Operator is all asking me if I saw who had the gun, etc. Which I didn't know because I couldn't see anybody because it was too dark and there were bushes in my way when I peeked my head out of my door. Then she said cops had already been dispatched. Other people had called too.
The commotion pretty much ended after the last gunshot but my gf and I hid out upstairs to speculate what had happened. At first we didn't know if our next door neighbor had killed himself, or his family or what. So I called our neighbor across the street who is decent although nosy, although that is a good thing in this case because she usually has the scoop on everything.
She just happened to be outside, when they rolled up. Apparently a car full of teenagers parked in front of the house 3 houses down across the street, got out and started arguing, gunshots ensue, etc.
She said they drove off after that and the police were over there right then.
So about 10 minutes later I snuck outside into the shadows to see if I could tell what was going on. Strange thing though, there were no lights on over there, just 2 cop cars with only their parking lights on, and walking around the yard with flashlights looking for something. My gf figures they were looking for bullet shells. The fact that no lights were on makes me think that nobody was even home at the time.

This is the same house though where the 15 year old boy that used to live there ended up going to detention camp because he was so bad. We also one time found a crackpipe in our shed in the back yard and we figure it was his ...

We wonder if the last gunshot that was a lot louder was shot by our next door neighbor, perhaps into the air to disperse the fight. Not sure though. I wouldn't have the balls to do that crap if I knew there were people out there with guns already.

Man, all this crap right after what we thought was the worst neighbors had left. Further down the street these neighbors used to sell drugs and the kid used to break into peoples houses, but they got foreclosed about 6 months ago which was great ...

All this and we are in the suburbs, on a supposedly safe side of town ... How am I supposed to write music like this ???
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Postby chunter » Sat Aug 23, 2008 8:59 pm

Very cautiously. I'm glad you're safe.

I know this doesn't make anything better... but I once lived in an apartment that was right on a gang boundary line and the alley behind it was always being patrolled alternately by drug dealers and police. I remember waking one night to the sound of argument and police lights all over my walls. I fell asleep when I heard one of them scream aloud: "I DIDN'T KNOW IT WAS A COP!" I think I felt at peace that one of those guys finally got busted.

The police response to your issue seemed good so I think your mishap was a once-off, especially if you find out that your neighbors just don't live there anymore. ;)

Stay safe.
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