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PSPSeq site uses my tunes as demos...

PostPosted: Tue Apr 24, 2007 3:08 pm
by hseiken
I've got 2 tunes the author of PSPSeq used on the site to get people to download PSPSeq for their PSP's. This is the new toy that has been eating so much of my music-making time. I absolutely love the thing...

The best part of it is per-note-control of the synths and FM. I've been making somewhat of a 'mockup genesis/megadrive' soundset with 9 FM channels, 3 PSGs and a bitcrushed wav channel (i bit crush to avoid downsampling).

Anyway, the tunes i have up follow this track setting. Even if you've no plans to get a PSP or the prog, at least comment on the tunes or something...I still haven't even tapped into the program's power, I think...

Oh, it's also quite awesome for live performances, too, btw. The author tried to put in some nice features for live tune manipulation.

(psp 'hakyoku' is me... ;D )

PostPosted: Tue Apr 24, 2007 4:22 pm
by organic io
lol, gaytech...

pretty nice, considering the limitations

PostPosted: Tue Apr 24, 2007 6:03 pm
by hseiken
Well, that's part of the charm, I think...Most of the tracks I've been doing so far have been to break away from tracking and piano roll mentality as well as keyboard and mouse usage. Once I get to the fluency of, say, Overthruster on LSDJ/LGPT regarding the interface methods, that's when I think I'll start to find out just what it can do...I've been using it less than one month or so, and on top of that, there's been a slew of betas, each one adding even more control features, so not only have I yet to truly destroy the barrier between inferface and creativity, but even more control keeps being added...I'm not complaining though...when I get in the zone with it, it's definately my dream...FM + hardcore control capabilities. The fact that there's other synths on board AND effects AND crazy sample mangling (loop point changes on the fly? NO WAY!) is just a gianormous bonus...

I seriously recommend this to tweakheads who appreciate lofi...there's nothing out there at all like it.