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(PS021) [Door] - "Planetarium Sky" EP

(PS021) [Door] - "Planetarium Sky" EP

Postby hseiken » Mon May 07, 2007 3:45 pm

Thought I'd use this opportunity to shamelessly plug my piston collage-based netlabel and today's release from Door...

If you've not heard of pxtone, it's a weird variation on the piano roll with a tracker-like 'world' view...except sideways. It was programmed (and is still actively programmed) by Pixel of 'Cave Story' fame. It was designed for his own personal chiptuning for his games, but it's now much more than that, with interesting features planned for the horizon...

At any rate, you can grab door's piston source debut here:

It's a really cool minimalist/futurist/complicated/simple/melodic type sound that's very nice on the mind and ears...
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