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Music production blog

Postby organic io » Fri May 16, 2008 2:09 pm

mutilus wrote:Cool blog mate, it's really interesting to hear someone's thoughts about the music making process. I'll be looking out for future entries, especially anything that sheds more light on how the hell to use bloody compressors

Hey thanks :) I'm glad somebody is enjoying it even if it's just a few people. That will give me motivation to write more. I'll try to scruff up another article this weekend, and maybe try adding compression to some of my older songs and if it goes well, post a comparison
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organic io
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Re: Music production blog

Postby Directionless » Sat May 17, 2008 3:19 am

OK I posted about music. :P

You make music you like. and mix, and remix. and by the time you are done, it's nothing like the original. More palpable for the average listener, perhaps. Less raw. Then you try to add in the rawness with sound. And discover what a sham that can be. Like uninteresting 2-chord pop music with "the right mix".

Always back to the drawing board. Reinvent.

Most current music efforts in process:

Directionless - SYNTH/BEATs/Guitar Leads/Vocals w- original lyrics. very fucking hard, i want to die.
Acoustic covers - post-produced recordings. not too hard and somewhat enjoyable, but not so much mass appeal potential, maybe.
Online competition - Fast BPM, BEATs, SYNTH, Sound bites. Fun and geeky - pure-indulgence music making.
Jamming with old dudes - fucking fun. Drinking, smoking and doing groovy and often rocking improv. (best part is not doing anything but play).
MOTU - come back tour scheduled for Jesus' 2nd Coming.

Fun fact: made about 50 shitty songs in 2007 (a few of which were accepted as non-shitty to really good).
Sad fact: taking time to be more strategic and/or work on more pro sound = slower results. :(
Real fact: no matter how good you get at any of this, your laymen friend is not going to give a shit. :)
Surreal fact: you make money doing this, everyone is going to give a shit, except for anyone that matters. ;)
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