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Proportional voting spots? A modest proposal, yet again

Proportional voting spots? A modest proposal, yet again

Postby fbjon » Thu Jul 30, 2009 3:01 am

Here's yet another suggestion for "improving" the voting procedure.

With SDC popularity booming like this (a composing bubble?), should the number of voting spots be proportional to the number of entries?

I'm thinking something like: x entries -> round(5 + ln(x-5)) vote spots, for x larger than 4. That would turn into:

5-6 entries: 5 votes
7-9 entries: 6 votes
10-17 entries: 7 votes
18+ entries: 8 votes

The extra spots could all be worth one point each, and could have a tag attached like cralias suggested, such as "best vocals", "best use of samplepack", "cheesiest" or whatever. Maybe depending on the theme and/or rules.

Or, perhaps more easy to maintain: simply an optional tag to each vote given, regardless whether it's 5 points or 1, or how many voting spots there are. Technically I would envision these in a separate table in the database, since they're not directly connected to the points given.

The reason why the extra spots would be one point each is rather arbitrary. I simply often end up with a few mostly obvious favourites, but a much larger bunch of almost-there entries that I'm not quite sure how to rank.
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Postby attwad » Thu Jul 30, 2009 6:28 am

Totally agree with this principle!

I'd love to be able to give some tagged-awards to some guys for special parts of their compo while still preserving my votes for others if they feel more "complete" to me.

an example of what can be done is the award system in pyweek (a game programming contest in 1 week)

Maybe we should be more restrictive than pyweek because some awards aren't really "rewarding"... but that's just an example.
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Postby knetter » Thu Jul 30, 2009 6:30 am

I had the same problem and was also thinking about an adaptive amount of ranking points. I guess the same formula can be used as we use now?
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Postby Sonicade » Thu Jul 30, 2009 2:43 pm

Very interesting, a scaling voting system. We may be able to adapt that to work with our current system... anyone good with math? :)

Currently we assign 5 points to first place, 4 to second, 3 to third, 2 to fourth and 1 to fifth.
Those points are then added up to get the entry score. Next, the scores are divided by the highest score, then each entry is multiplied by the # of votes it received to form the ranking.

The question is if the points were to change for example 6 points for first, 5 second, 4 third, 3 fourth, 2 fifth, 1 sixth.. would the equation still be fair. Would it be fair for 8 points first through 8th? Many people put a lot of thought into this when we designed the current system and I'm pleased to say the results have been pretty accurate.

I like the idea of adding scaling to the voting system but it does mean re examining the voting formula.

Things to consider:

If 8 votes are allowed, are all 8 required? What if you're lazy and only want to pick 5 ... or 3? No laziness allowed? Or maybe it's still fair to only pick 3.

If there are 20 entries but 5 absent voters, does this affect the final outcome unfairly?
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