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chunter - On a Rainy Day (EP)

chunter - On a Rainy Day (EP)

Postby chunter » Sun May 16, 2010 3:06 pm ... ny-day-ep/

I said that I had bigger ideas for my Round 47 entry, the idea is that I imagined it crossfading into an older Impulse Tracker tune I had been polishing and repolishing for some time, and since bringing in old material (or additional sounds) is against the rules, I simply turned in what I had with the explanation that there is more to come.

Sadly, only one of these pieces was something I hadn't shown to at least -someone- before, though I expect few have actually heard them all in a single listen, or at least not until I posted it as a continuous EP...

"On a Rainy Day" was given an extra section and a soft 12-string guitar-centered version, and "Found, At the Edge..." was given an overdub to make the tracked guitar sound just a little less unnatural, and every piece was but through a multiband compressor as a sort of mastering.

Hope you all like it.
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